Welcome to M. Mitchell Place!

We’ve opened our second temporary modular housing facility, M. Mitchell Place, on 2132 Ash Street! M. Mitchell place is a continuation of the B.C. government’s commitment to build 600 homes to house Metro Vancouver’s street and shelter homeless population. To date, 208 units have been successfully tenanted.



M. Mitchell Place will provide housing for 52 members of our community, and will be complemented by the continuum of healthcare and services standard across our housing continuum— home support, life skills training, round-the-clock mental health teams and other supports. The development, constructed and planned in conjunction with BC Housing, City of Vancouver and Horizon North, also has a commercial grade kitchen, and housing-embedded services such as peer employment programs and a community garden that provide sustainable opportunities for residents to form and join community.



M. Mitchell Place is named for Canadian politician and social activist, Margaret Mitchell, a social worker who lived in the Olympic Village area before she took her advocacy to the political arena as the Member of Parliament for Vancouver East. She passed away in 2017 at 91. Margaret is remembered for legacy of intersectional activism which focused on rights for women, immigrants and the homeless. False Creek South Neighbourhood Association and PHS Community Services collaborated on the naming, arriving at the decision through a poll of the Neighbourhood Association.

“Margaret Mitchell served as the Member of Parliament for Vancouver East for 14 years. She was a pioneer in community development, a tireless advocate for housing and a fearless activist in support of women and people living in poverty. She was instrumental in bringing violence against women and domestic abuse into the political spotlight,” said Jennifer Breakspear, Executive Director of PHS. “Margaret worked to make change for a cause that she believed in and, in doing so, helped countless people all over BC, and Canada. That kind of compassion and tenacity deeply resonates with PHS’ culture of supporting those in need. We are excited to dedicate this building to her memory.”

The project comes on the tails of PHS’ inaugural modular project, Chartrand Place, which opened in April of 2018. “It’s great,” says Cliff Hayes, a resident of Chartrand Place. “It is a lot better than where I was before. Here, I can have myself a good sleep, can cook my own food and go to the bathroom when I need. The staff here is great. It’s perfect. I would recommend modular housing to anyone.”