Thomus Donaghy is remembered for devoting his life to saving the lives of others

Tributes are being paid to Thomus Donaghy, 41, murdered during a shift break at the Overdose Prevention Site at St. Paul’s Hospital.

It appears Thomus got into an altercation with a man who fatally stabbed him. Police are investigating.

This has been a devastating shock to the community. In addition to St Paul’s, Thomus worked at Overdose Prevention Society and MOPS, and was truly passionate about helping people. He would often patrol the alleys in his free time, responding to overdoses and connecting with community, showing his dedication and commitment to looking after the most vulnerable.

He would hold us to task demanding we do the most we can to support people and prevent the tragedy of further OD deaths. It isn’t possible to know the exact number of lives Thomus has saved, but it would easily be over 100.

Thomus displayed his kindness and compassion time and time again with participants, community members, and the coworkers who were his friends and family, now reeling from this tragic loss.

He was a beautiful human, and will be greatly missed.

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