Take a tour of our temporary modular housing units

“On a brick-and-mortar build for supportive housing, my time horizon to see a human move indoors is five years. . . from inception of this project to people living in it was inside six months.”

Senior Housing Manager Duncan Higgon will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the PHS-operated Hummingbird Place temporary modular housing unit. It also features the urban agriculture of Sole Food Street Farms.


Temporary modular construction is a futuristic response to homelessness – pre-fabricated units that come together quickly, but provide safe, secure and well-insulated housing.

Requiring minimal foundations, these units can be built on sites that would not be suitable for traditional construction.

PHS operates four temporary modular housing units built to a similar overall layout: Chartrand Place, Hummingbird Place, Margaret Mitchell Place and Nora Hendrix Place.