Modular, wheelchair accessible

PHS opened this fourth temporary modular housing facility in 2019, in partnership with Hogan’s Alley Society, to meet the needs of Vancouver’s Black and Indigenous communities.

The residence is named for Black community organizer Nora Hendrix, who helped establish the AME Fountain Chapel at Jackson Avenue and Prior Street, which was an important cultural resource and gathering space for the Hogan’s Alley black community. (She’s also known as the grandmother of guitarist Jimi Hendrix.)

Tenants in temporary modular housing live in the units for a designated term until they are matched with permanent housing, while accessing healthcare supports and community programming. There’s also a meal program, and a community garden with a beehive maintained by Hives for Humanity.

The PHS role at Nora Hendrix Place was always intended to be temporary, and on April 30, 2022, we handed over management to Hogan’s Alley Society.

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