Giving to others gives back to you.

PHS Community Services Society is a registered charity that provides a compassionate response to human suffering. We house, feed and support marginalized people in Vancouver and Victoria to save lives and prevent injury and illness.

And with your support, we can do more. We can make difference in the lives of more people. Together we can give hope and support the autonomy of marginalized people.

For PHS, fundraising is relatively new.

The vast majority of our programs are funded by BC Housing or health authorities.  These are key and valued partnerships.  That said, being as deeply integrated into the community as we are, we see all the places of need where core funding doesn’t reach. And that’s where fundraising comes in.

While we continue our critical partnerships, we also rely on individual donations and grants to ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovative programming and support for our community.

Donations increasing

“Over the years we have seen a huge increase in individual donors and supporters which has allowed us to add more meals to our food program, extend services like additional counseling, provide more outreach and keep some programs safe from closure,” said PHS Fund Development Manager Michelle Sewell.

“Since the fundraising department was created in 2018, donations have grown over 100 percent each year.

“We’re blessed to see so many donors and funders step up during a precarious and uncertain year. Our goal is always to raise much-needed funds and build awareness, but this year we hope we can raise even more money to keep our community safe and healthy.”

It’s very moving to receive personal donations, particularly when it’s expressly to support the care we provide for others. Frequently donors mention the difference PHS made in the life of a family member or friend.

Some ask to dedicate donations in the memory of specific individuals or to go towards specific programs or housing locations that supported them.

“The opioid crisis has taken too many lives and sadly most of us have been affected by loss or know someone who has,” said Michelle. “It is an incredibly thoughtful way to remember someone by reaching out and helping someone else.”

Often, people see poverty and suffering in the Downtown Eastside or Victoria and want to help but don’t know where to begin.

Building safe and healthy communities through charitable support

These are proud neighbourhoods of under-served people, where groups such as PHS work to contribute to the community.

“I’ve learned so much about the residents and service users since I started at PHS three years ago,” she said. “Sharing our mission via social channels and raising awareness is important to us and of course donations are always welcome!”

PHS fundraising not only brings awareness, but much-needed dollars for housing, health services, harm reduction and our Indigenous programming.

“Every person deserves dignity and respect whether or not they struggle with addiction.”

There are several ways you can positively impact the community with a donation.  Monthly giving is the easiest way to make a difference, but one-time gifts, shares of stocks, and even car donations to Donate-A-Car Canada are the various ways to give back.

Our online donation form is secure, and as a registered charity tax receipts will be issued to you for any of the above ways to donate.

  • Together, we can make our community a stronger, more resilient and healthier place.  We hope you will join us and consider a donation to PHS!