portland hotel

Portland Hotel

Named after our first establishment, the Portland Hotel brings stability into the lives of individuals who were at one time considered to be some of the city’s most challenging and hard-to-house individuals.

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rainier hotel

Rainier Hotel

Women who live at the Rainier have access to mental health services, primary health care, medication management, detox, harm reduction recovery-focussed programming and education.

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regal place hotel

Regal Place Hotel

PHS mental health workers are available to support residents with day-to-day needs and to achieve their personal health and inclusion goals.

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The Soleil

Formerly Paul’s Motor Inn, this property was purchased by the Province in June 2020 to provide supported housing for people without homes in Victoria.

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The Stanley

An old Downtown Eastside hotel has been reconfigured and rebuilt to serve the entire community.

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Station Street

This facility provides supportive transitional housing to new families and youth, including 10 wheelchair-accessible units.

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Tellier tower

Tellier Tower

Tellier Tower is a rent-geared-to-income building, with services to support those residents with mental health, addiction and chronic disease issues.

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unity housing

Unity Housing

The rehabilitative model at Unity focuses on “wellness through social interaction” and, by way of monthly housing meetings and quarterly tenants’ meetings, evokes the principles of participatory democracy in decision-making.

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