PHS Community Services Society, a non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada.

Our goal is to provide housing, service and advocacy to those poorly served in Vancouver’s DTES Community and beyond.

Dora Fairburn's Memorial

Aboriginal Health Services Relocation

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Our Core Community Activities


Every night the PHS provides shelter and home to thousands of community members, whether it is in an emergency shelter bed, a converted hotel or a purpose built social housing building. Learn more…


Services offered by the PHS are focused on the residents and their specialized needs. We aim to develop flexible, relevant and effective services for the people in the community we care about. Learn more…


Responding to human suffering and community need by amplifying silenced voices towards social inclusion and social change. Learn more…

Our Mission

PHS Community Services Society strives to develop, maintain and promote affordable housing for adult individuals who are poorly served elsewhere in the community due to their physical health, mental health, behavioural issues, substance dependencies, forensic history, and for those who are homeless. All of our operations aim to foster a sense of community, encouraging members to accept and support one another while empowering them to determine their own course of recovery.

Learn more about Our Mission and Our Approach.