The Mobile Needle Exchange (NEX van) program focuses PHS harm reduction operations and experience throughout the city of Vancouver to pick up discarded dirty needles, and to provide education on safe use of illicit drugs. It promotes connections with social services and housing organizations to build community involvement.

The NEX van exists to reduce the risk of HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as the risks of bacterial and fungal infections associated with intravenous drug use. It also provides thousands of referrals to healthcare, detox, treatment and other services each year.

Services include:

  • Collecting discarded needles from the streets, alleys, parks or anywhere one is found. Anyone who finds a discarded needle/syringe can call the hotline.
  • Promoting safer drug-use habits among people we work with on the street, and providing connections to health and other resources in non-judgmental ways.
  • Delivering harm reduction materials anywhere within Vancouver city limits.

  • Phone - PHS hotline :


  • Phone - City of Vancouver :

    311 (604-873-7000 from outside Vancouver)

  • Email :