The Needle Depot offers 24/7 harm reduction supplies to reduce the spread of bloodborne infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C as well as reduce the risks of bacterial infections common amongst IV drug users in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Operating in an alleyway alongside the Maple Hotel, it’s a resource for drug users looking for clean equipment. This location is a crucial point of engagement with an at-risk population, providing a gateway to other health and housing services.

With approximately 20,000 visits per month, and more than a million syringes distributed each year, the Depot provides safer injection, safer smoking, and safer sex supplies to residents of the DTES, as well as supporting PHS projects that distribute harm reduction supplies and dispose of used equipment.

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    Vancouver Coastal Health

Additional Information

The program also offers a number of additional services including street and alley safety patrols, recovery of discarded syringes from public spaces, education, referrals to detox and health care, and support to DTES residents.