The Community Managed Alcohol Program (CMAP) is for individuals who struggle with severe alcohol use disorder and who sometimes drink non-beverage alcohol such as mouthwash or rubbing alcohol. CMAP works with members to substitute this with limited amounts of member-brewed wine and beer.

Illicit alcohol consumption has the potential to create very challenging behaviours and health risks. As a result, heavy drinkers typically experience long periods of homelessness or unstable housing as well as very significant health challenges. The program focuses on outreach to street-entrenched members of the community. CMAP provides controlled access to alcohol coupled with wraparound services including meals and regular access to general medical care.

Managed alcohol programs have demonstrated increased quality of life, decreased violence, and decreased visits to the emergency room and the justice system. While abstinence is not the goal of the program, many participants have made significant gains in their lives increasing health and wellbeing, finding stability, and quitting drinking alcoholic beverages.

  • Partners :

    Vancouver Coastal Health, First Nations Health Authority