Built on the principle of meeting people where they are, being flexible, being curious about how to improve upon traditional practices in the field of detox and treatment.

The Onsite Detox & Transitional Housing Program first opened its doors in September 2007. Since opening, Onsite has developed into a unique and vital program offering a wide range of supports and services to those accessing the site. Built on the principles of harm reduction, Onsite produces and measures success on multiple levels, striving to foster ongoing supportive relationships with Onsite residents.

Functionally, the program is divided into two levels: a detox floor (12 beds), where stays generally range from one to two weeks; and a transitional housing floor (18 beds) where ongoing interim housing and recovery support is provided to residents post-detox. All residents at Onsite have their own room, and all detox rooms have washrooms. Since opening, Onsite has seen over 2,800 intakes to the detox program and over 1,200 intakes to the transitional housing program. Located in the Downtown Eastside, directly above Insite (Vancouver’s first supervised injection site), Onsite serves a community which has varying but significant degrees of marginalization.

While fundamentally functioning as a space for medically supported detox, OnSite provides services that extend far beyond this and includes a wide range of recovery oriented programs and health and housing supports.

With respect to supports offered at OnSite, both detox and transitional housing residents have access to all programs and supports offered. Residents have access to three full meals as well as other snacks.  A minimum of four primary programs are offered each day, focused on physical detox support, physical healing, addiction recovery, skills building and overall relationship building. OnSite works tirelessly to connect residents with permanent housing, physicians, mental health professionals, addictions treatment programs and other external programs. These quality of life-markers are a fundamental focus of the OnSite program and we recognize the important role they play in individual health and addiction recovery.


Programs Offered:
Smart Recovery Program
Art Group
Early Recovery (Seeking Safety)
Music Group
Massage Therapy
NA & CA Panels
Creative Writing
Mindfulness Skills
12 Step Program
Book Club Reading Group
Talking Circle


Outlining elements of Onsite’s harm reduction model, and how it connects people in the community.