Unity Housing

Various Locations • 6 houses, with 25 rooms total

Founded by a group of mental health consumers in 1996, Unity Housing has been managed by the PHS since 1997 with funding from VCH and the SMART Fund. Unity consists of six houses around the city, totalling 25 rooms.

It is a unique project where people who have faced challenges in obtaining stable and accepting housing live together communally and manage the affairs of the project democratically.

This is achieved through regular tenant meetings, a council elected by the residents of Unity, with only residents are able to stand for election. It constitutes a supportive self-directed community for individuals with mental health diagnoses aiming to further develop their social and life skills. The rehabilitative model at Unity focuses on “wellness through social interaction” and, by way of monthly housing meetings and quarterly tenants’ meetings, evokes the principles of participatory democracy in decision-making.

Unity also features a garden where members can learn how to care for the environment and grow organic food for their community.