New Fountain Shelter

356 East Hastings St. Vancouver B.C. V6A 1P4 • 604-669-3306 • Beds: 50-60 nightly


Services & Support
24/7 PHS mental health workers, daily PHS outreach workers, food program, Primary Outreach Service (POS) clinics, PHS Medical Team clinics, mental health nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, Street Soccer Team

BC Housing

The low-barrier New Fountain Shelter is open nightly from 7pm-9am. The shelter provides 60 spaces for shelter nightly for homeless individuals. Shelter guests are provided with a hot dinner, a warm breakfast and a bag lunch. PHS also provides active outreach work for shelter guests pursuing stabilization steps that include seeking identification, obtaining social assistance, receiving medical supports or finding new housing.

The New Fountain is a low-barrier shelter that grants beds to individuals who are often rejected elsewhere, whether because they are actively addicted, have pets, have carts or belongings that require storage, or fare poorly in institutional settings.

The shelter is staffed 24/7 by PHS mental health and outreach workers who work to help residents find longer-term, more stable housing. The shelter also regularly hosts medical clinics, embedding preventative medical services to people that might only otherwise access medical care at an emergency room or other acute care setting.

Please note that the New Fountain Shelter has moved to its new location at 356 E Hastings.

New Fountain Shelter

Outlining the function of New Fountain Shelter, and how it helps people going through rough times who do not have housing.

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