The Community Transitional Care Team

The CTCT is a residential acute care clinic in the Downtown East Side. The CTCT provides transitional care and antibiotic therapy to patients who have been segued to community care from St Paul's Hospital and VGH.

Community Transitional Care Team

In addition to medical care, the Community Transition Care Team (CTCT) provides housing for patients who are homeless. We have never discharged a patient to the streets.

The primary reason for the success of CTCT is that we provide the patient with the dignity of a home, nutritious food and unconditional friendship.

Injection drug users from the community can occupy up to 20% of hospital beds at St. Paul’s Hospital. Typically their primary diagnosis is antibiotic resistant infections that require an intensive course of antibiotic care for 6 to 8 weeks. In the hospital antibiotic compliance for injection drug users is in the 20% range, whereas at CTCT it is 96%. The primary reason for this success is that the residential clinic is like a home for the people who stay here; They have a private room with a kitchen and a bathroom, they can come and go as they please, and all that is required is that they stay compliant to medication and clinical appointments. In the hospital a patient will typically be discharged if they are missing from their room for more than 3hrs.