Alexander Street Community

111 Princess Ave. Vancouver B.C. V6A 1G8 • (778) 945-2988 • Total units: 139

Alexander Street Community

Services & Support
PHS mental health workers, food program, home support, on-site nurse, social worker, medical doctor, and psychiatrist, First Nations healing, art and music therapy, yoga, gardening, and community kitchen programs, laundry facilities, meeting rooms, amenity spaces

BC Housing, Vancouver Coastal Health, Streetohome Foundation

The Alexander Street Community provides 100 units of low-barrier permanent housing and 39 units of clinically supported transitional housing for individuals living with physical and mental health issues, substance dependencies and a gamut of other challenges – often concurrently.

Opened on December 1, 2014, the Alexander Street Community is a purpose-built LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building that has been operated by PHS since opening recently; it is also one of 14 recently-opened sites facilitated by land donations from the City of Vancouver.

Like all PHS projects, the Alexander Street Community operates with the belief that every life matters, that everyone has something unique to offer and deserves a good quality of life, and in the therapeutic benefits of an inclusive community.