Mission Statement

To develop, maintain and promote affordable housing

Our housing is for individuals who are poorly served elsewhere in the community due to their physical health, mental health, behavioural issues, substance dependencies, forensic history, and for those who are homeless.

To provide housing, service, and advocacy to all in need

PHS is for everyone in need of our services. We will not discriminate against…

  • Persons with a mental health diagnosis
  • Persons with physical disabilities and/or ailments including positive HIV & AIDS status
  • Persons with a history of criminal activity and/or involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Persons who engage in active alcohol, drug, and/or IV drug use
  • Persons with any combination of the above, or persons in need of housing

Foster a sense of community within the PHS and society at large

We encourage our members to be accepting and supportive to one another by adhering to the following principles:

Enabling – Striving to enable each person to function at the level determined by that person.

Self Determination – Allowing each person to determine for themselves the time, place, course and method of therapeutic treatment, if any.

Therapeutic Family – Fostering an environment within our housing and services which accepts, has faith in, forgives, and looks to the good in each member. The PHS endeavours to find an alternative to eviction in every situation.