About the Clinic

The clinic is a not-for-profit that provides affordable quality general dentistry that is crucial to all residents of the DTES. Comprehensive oral health care is the primary focus along with restorative, preventative, extractions, crowns, complete & partial dentures and root canals being provided at a reduced fee or assignment of benefits of all insurance plans.

  • Hours

    Monday to Thursday 9 am – 5 pm

  • Contact

    778-371-0060 or pcdc@phs.ca

COVID-19 Update

Please be aware we are no longer open for walk-in emergencies. All office visits must be arranged and screened prior to attending the clinic.

We are admitting people for scheduled appointments only. If you have a telephone and/or email, contact us in this method as opposed to in-person.

Due to a high volume of short notice cancellations and missed appointments, we will no longer be attending to emergency calls outside our normal business hours. If you have an after-hours dental emergency and you are experiencing severe uncontrolled bleeding, swelling or pain you must contact the Association of Dental Surgeons of BC at 604-736-7202 for an alternate dentist recommendation or proceed to your nearest 24hr emergency facility.

New clients

Due to occupancy restrictions and the many extra steps necessary to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, our priorities are dental emergencies and the scheduling of our existing clients. Please be aware that we are mandated to serve the DTES and will only treat clients that reside within the community. Wait times may be longer than usual for elective treatment.