Community Advisory Committees


Community advisory committees have been established to promote communication and community feedback on policy and program development for the housing, health care and social enterprises of PHS Community Services Society. These committees advise our Board of Directors, in addition to promoting public awareness, community education and support.


The Committee serves as an advisory group, not a decision making body. To ensure CAC meetings have the full spectrum of community perspectives, attendance at all regular meetings is required by all community representatives or their alternate. Should more than two regular meeting be missed, the member will be contacted by the facilitator to determine whether he or she still wishes to continue as a CAC member or to discuss whether a new representative and/or alternate is appropriate.

CAC members may on occasion wish to invite a guest to observe the CAC meeting; such requests must be submitted in writing/by email to the CAC facilitator at least one day prior to the day of the meeting; approval will depend on space considerations. Any guests that attend will be asked to observe and not participate in the discussions.

When appropriate, specialists may be invited to participate in meetings to address specific agenda items.

Committee membership is on a volunteer basis and members will not be remunerated for their participation.

The purpose of the CAC is to provide the project team and a broad cross-section of the community with a mechanism to:

• Build and maintain positive relationships amongst the community, the building operators and the program partners

• Facilitate information sharing and dialogue

• Identify and resolve any issues, opportunities and concerns related to building operations

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Committee Membership

In order for the CAC to be effective, it is important to limit overall committee size while maintaining a balance of voices at the table. Therefore, CAC membership is comprised of approximately 13 individuals representing the following groups:

  • 5 x community members (local resident and community organizations, businesses, local area residents, etc.)
  • 2 x PHS Community Services Society representatives
  • 1 x resident from the building (as appropriate)
  • 1 x local school Principal
  • 1 x Vancouver Police Department (VPD) representative
  • 1 x City of Vancouver (CoV) representative
  • 1 x BC Housing (BCH) representative
  • 1 x Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) representative

Selection process

Community member representation (5 seats) will be filled through an application process with preference given to a person who:

• is willing to abide by the Committee Terms of Reference and required time commitment

• is currently affiliated with multiple community organizations

• has experience representing their community on other committees/boards, etc.

• lives and/or works within a three-block radius of the housing site.

BC Housing, PHS Community Services Society and the City will designate community members and representative alternates from the list of applicants who meet this criteria.

The program partners (VPD, VCH, BC Housing, CoV) and the school will designate their own Committee members and one alternate.