Services offered by the PHS are focused on the residents and their specialized needs. We aim to develop flexible, relevant and effective services for the people in the community we care about.

Reaching people who were not welcomed into mainstream health care programs created unique challenges and opportunities.

The PHS advocated for and worked in partnership to create clinical supports on an outreach basis in order to effectively hit the target population living in hotels.

Low threshold methadone programs, needle distribution rather than exchange, supervised injection, managed alcohol, dental care, cancer screening, primary care clinics, and satellite care are all examples of service innovations developed in response to the urgent and unmet needs of people in the community.

Other kinds of services that the PHS has created have evolved through walking beside people in the community, and listening and witnessing gaps, needs and interests as they emerge. For example, the Interurban Art Gallery was created in recognition of the lack of space artists who live in SRO Hotels have in which to do their carving, drawing, painting or other art, while rarely having the opportunity to showcase their work. The Portland Dental Clinic was created in response to the urgent need for low-income community residents to have access to free dental care.

The PHS attempts to focus on the health of the whole person and the whole community. Programs that extend from the Community Transitional Care Team, to East Van Roasters all affect the Health of people in the community through the benefits of participation in meaningful engagement – a gaining of citizenship.