Community Managed Alcohol Program

111 Princess Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday 10:00am – 3pm

The PHS Community Managed Alcohol Program is for people who have severe alcohol use disorder, live in abject poverty, and sometimes drink non-beverage alcohol such as mouthwash or rubbing alcohol. Consuming non-beverage alcohol as a result of severe addiction can destabilize the person’s life, increasing homelessness, stigmatization, violence, visits to the hospital, and even mortality. Managed alcohol programs have demonstrated increased quality of life, decreased violence, and decreased visits to the emergency room.  The program focuses on outreach to street entrenched members of the community.

The program includes:

  • Options for exchanging illicit beverages for low cost beer and wine
  • Peer employment opportunities “brewing” low-cost beer and wine from kits and bottled for participant use
  • Weekly meetings and seminars engage drinkers in opportunities to learn about the health and social risks of non-beverage alcohol consumption and alternatives available
  • Outreach to people in the community to check on their well-being and provide hydration for those who are homeless.
  • Linkage to housing and health services, psychosocial and cultural supports

This program supports approximately 100 drinkers each week, with the capacity to exchange 30 liters of non-beverage alcohol weekly.

Participants receive a high standard of addiction medicine overseen by PHS Medical Director, Dr. Christy Sutherland, and tied to PHS Primary Care Services. PHS managed alcohol programs also have a longstanding, close relationship with research through Dr. Bernie Paulie at CARBC and her team.  This research is funded by CIHR and operates under approval from the research ethics board at the University of Victoria.