Mental Health Worker


Posting Date: 01/06/2016

Closing Date: 01/-/2016


Job Summary

Mental Health Workers are responsible for providing support services, advocacy and housing for those who are: persons with a mental health diagnosis, persons with physical disabilities and/or chronic disease such as HIV/AIDS, persons with a history of criminal activity and/or involvement in the criminal justice system, persons who engage in active alcohol, drug, and/or IV drug use, persons with any combination of the above or other persons in need of service.

Working as a collaborative team, with Management, Coordinators and external agencies to develop, implement and review of individual resident/participant case plans.  Mental Health workers provide many daily supports including overseeing medication administration, harm reduction, recreational activities, financial administration, wound care & first aid, oversight to safety and security measures, crisis intervention, arranging and participating in cultural & recreational events.


Society Philosophy

The PHS attempts to promote, develop and manage supportive affordable housing and community services for individuals who are poorly served elsewhere in the community due to their physical health, mental health, behaviour, substance use, forensic history or for those who are homeless. The Society aims to foster a sense of community within the PHS Community Services Society’s programs and projects, by encouraging its members to be accepting of and offer support to one another, and: strive to support each person to function at the level determined by that person; support each person to determine for themselves the time, place, course, and method of therapeutic treatment, if any; foster an environment which accepts, believes in, forgives, and looks to the good in each person.


Key Responsibilities

The job includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Contributes to a collaborative working relationship and communication between internal/external stakeholders to; develop, manage and evaluate participant care plans, which promote cooperative goal achievement considering client needs first, and contributes to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
  • Responsible for effective advocacy in order to support long term strategies, effectively address the health and housing issues of participants and increase capacity of the PHS and local community to meet their needs.
  • Provides physical, social, emotional, basic life skills, and behavior management support to participants including; accompanying 
residents to appointments, coordinating transportation, harm reduction initiatives, personal hygiene and basic wound care, home support or assisting with practical problems such as MSD applications, housing wait lists and financial administration.
  • Facilitates opportunities for participants relating to education, recreation, culture, recovery and counseling.  Liaises with other sites and community partners to create opportunities for further community involvement.
  • Provides the support and information necessary to help participants build self-esteem and develop decision-making skills, through role modeling and other techniques.
  • Complies with the policies for medication administration and storage. Ensures that all the medication sheets are filled in accurately.
  • Maintains participants administrative records; health and care plans, financial/banking, rent collection, daily shift reports and checklists.
Ensure seamless flow throughout the continuum of care, referral to services and exploration of new partnerships to improve participants quality of life.
  • Assists with various tasks associated with transitions of residency: orientation of new participants, moving, tenant advocacy etc.
  • Uses analytical abilities to observe and respond to participants needs and attempt to mitigate potential emergency situations. Being knowledgeable that certain behaviours may be indicative of de-compensating behaviour. Uses logs, and care plans to document observations and provide input on appropriate courses of action.
  • Listens and responds to participants concerns, questions and requests in a manner that conveys respect.
  • Monitors the security and safety of the participants by assisting in daily room check, controlling traffic in and out of projects/programs, keeping the guest list current, and reporting any potential safety concerns.
  • Mentors and collaborates effectively with Peer Workers.
  • Responsible for the management of the physical needs of buildings; cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ensures adherence to accreditation, regulatory, and safety standards are met at all times (Health Canada, WorkSafeBC, PH Policies etc.).


Skills / Abilities

  • Must be able to demonstrate core competencies of the PHS mandate and approach to providing client-centered care under a harm reduction model.
  • Knowledge of mental health diagnoses and concurrent disorders.
  • Knowledge of social justice and anti-oppressive practices and how they relate to the population served by the PHS.
  • Strong communication skills; ability to work with multiple stakeholders; PHS Staff, peers & other outside agencies.
  • Excellent conflict de-escalation skills that consider a variety of factors including racial triggers, mental health and addiction issues.
  • Familiarity with a variety of drug overdose symptoms and appropriate protocols and procedures – Current CPR, First Aid, Narcan, Overdose Management, training is a must.
  • Working knowledge of psychotropic medications.
  • Active learner; Keeps informed about legislation, regulations, industry trends, technology and protocols, and shares knowledge and supports staff to integrate evidence-based practice in the delivery of quality care/services.
  • Knowledge of the continuum of care/housing and broader relevant services in the community and beyond.
  • Applies sound judgment: solutions focused individual with strong research abilities and excellent problem solving skills.
  • Excellent organizational & multi tasking skills in a chaotic and high pressure environment.
  • Knowledge of WorksafeBC / OHS programs & procedures and critical incident reporting.


Qualifications / Experience

Many forms of education and experience are valued, including volunteering and lived experience of mental illness/addictions/homelessness.   A combination of education, training and experience will be considered.

  • Must have a minimum of 1-2 year work experience with  “concurrent disorders/hard to house”
  • A diploma in Social Services and or related field
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training
  • Class 5 Drivers License


Terms of Employment

  • Wages according to current Union Contract, CUPE 1004
  • Criminal Record Search
  • 2 Letters of Reference and resume required