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Drug Users Resource Centre (DURC)

412 E Cordova St. • (604) 678-8278 • Email:

Drug Users Resource Centre

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Portland Medical Satellite Clinic Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am-12pm
(Drop In Only)
Closed Saturday & Sunday

For more information, please see the Portland Medical Clinic page. To make an appointment, please phone 604 879 7906

To inquire about DURC services and programs, or to arrange a tour, please contact Kailin See.

Opened in 2003, the Drug Users Resource Centre is a safe, supportive and welcoming space for all members of the DTES community. With a focus on meeting the ‘on-the-ground’ needs of user communities in the DTES, the Centre offers a broad spectrum of services, including an on site primary care and methadone clinic, user group specific programming and education, barrier-free health and therapeutic interventions, pre-vocational skills training, work and volunteer opportunities, arts and cultural programming, housing support, referrals and advocacy.

DURC values peer engagement and empowerment as a guiding principle and a crucial component of its operation. The Centre is almost entirely staffed by peers and all DURC programming and services are vetted by our elected DURC Advisory Board comprised exclusively of community members.

Current DURC programs include the Political Action Group, Jib Users Group, Rock Therapy for Crack Users, Young Users Unite, Women’s Action Group, The TRANS Collective, Acupuncture, Cree Class, Drinker’s Lounge, Brew Co-op and Alcohol Exchange for illicit drinkers, Harm Reduction 101, First Nations Sacred Space and Drum Group, Music Workshop and Recording Studio, Beekeeping, Women and Men’s wellness groups, Homeopathy and much more.

Email or visit DURC for a complete programming schedule.

Daily Services at DURC

  • Free laundry

  • Free breakfast (10:30am), lunch (noon) and snacks (11am and 2:30pm)

  • Free local and long distance calls

  • Free showers and toiletries

  • Free computer access

  • Free membership ID’s

  • Harm reduction supplies (injection, inhalation, safer sex)

  • Daily work and volunteer opportunities

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