Donate Excess Inventory

PHS accepts donations of excess inventory through our partner, The Charity Hub.

The Charity Hub provides a strategic product liquidation service that helps businesses support charities by turning excess, refurbished and customer-returned inventory into cash donations. With more than 20 years’ experience, they offer a no-cost, no-hassle, no-landfill service that won’t impact your regular distribution channels.

What Inventory is Ideal?

Consumer products such as:

  • Tools.
  • Household appliances, apparel/footwear.
  • Personal health products (e.g., face creams).
  • Household products (e.g., dishes, décor, small furniture).
  • Computer hardware and electronics.

* Note: The larger the quantity the better (ideally 12+ pallets); however, all inventory opportunities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. But please, no perishable food or used products.

Why Liquidate with The Charity Hub?

Even the best-managed companies have excess inventory. The Charity Hub’s professional liquidation service will clear out warehouse space, divert inventory from the landfill, and enable you to reallocate resources to more profitable goods.


How to donate inventory

When you have excess inventory contact The Charity Hub. They will sort it out.

The Charity Hub will:

  • Work with you to learn about your inventory
  • Confirm any geographic and/or retail restrictions to avoid any regular distribution channels and prevent brand dilution.
  • Ask you the charity you want to support – please indicate PHS Community Services Society.
  • Professionally market inventory to their global buyer network of second and third-tier retailers.
  • Arrange product sale, logistics, pick-up from your warehouse, and pay all shipping costs.
  • Donate 50 per cent of their net profits to PHS.


Reach out to PHS Fund Development Manager Kelly Nichol.