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PHS believes in the spiritual wellness of the community and provides services that include support groups, grief and loss talking circles and memorials for those we have lost.

Participants are encouraged to create a safe and sacred space to share their experiences of loved ones, relationships, family, homes, and health. Compassionate listening and vulnerable sharing, gives the groups a voice to express pain, to validate, and to able to grieve without shame or self-judgment that can arise in isolation.

All of the programs are about meeting people where they are spiritually. Regardless of faith, denomination, or culture.



Here on the frontlines of the overdose crisis, we’ve seen the death rate doubling from one year to the next, and then doubling again the following year. Memorials are a way of supporting the community, and saying that each of our lives is important and sacred, that everyone deserves dignity, and that our journey on earth is of eternal value.

This process is rooted in the understanding that feeling connected, seen and heard improves us, uplifts us, and nourishes the spirit.